JFV Ouranos Maastricht

JFV Ouranos is the largest study association at the Maastricht University Faculty of Law. We organise social, academic and career oriented events.

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JFV Ouranos

JFV Ouranos is the largest study association at the Maastricht University Faculty of Law. The association was founded in 1983 and has since then organised a great number of activities for both her members and non-members. Ouranos helps you broaden your horizons and get to know people at the faculty. Students also get the chance to develop their academic and professional skills at events like lectures, workshops, law firm visits and many other activities. If you want to get advantages.

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Book Sale

Every period, JFV Ouranos organizes the book sale in collaboration with Studystore. Members of our association receive a 10% discount on Dutch books and a 15% discount on internationally published books. Don't hesitate and buy your study books now!

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Membership benefits

Many benefits come attached to being a member of JFV Ouranos. You can make use of great discounts at locations we often visit such as the Dikke Dragonder. Become a member to profit from these discounts, to be able to buy your books at a discount and to attend some of our events at a cheaper price.

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Active Membership

In addition to the board, JFV Ouranos is run every day by several committees. These committees organise events, from big lectures and trips to smaller social gatherings such as a sports activity and dinner groups. In the academic year 2022-2023 JFV Ouranos has the following committees:

- Academic Committee
- Communications Committee
- European Law School Committee
- Event Committee
- Gala Committee
- Master Committee
- PR Committee
- Representation Committee
- Social Committee
- Travel Committee
- Trip Committee

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Book Sale

Each academic period JFV Ouranos organises a book sale. As a member you can purchase books with up to 15% discount.

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